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Radon Gas Problems

There has recently been increased awareness in Canada of the dangers of radon. You might already hear that radon gas is present in some basements. How can you tell if it is a problem in your house? Radon gas and its byproducts occur naturally everywhere — in soil, water and air. Rarely does it occur in concentrations that you need to worry about. However, radon gas can accumulate in confined …Read More

Fabulous Basement Family Rooms

When exploring your basement finishing ideas keep in mind your family need. Creating a new family room is a great way increase the all-purpose living space for the entire family. Equipped with a television, stereo equipment, bookshelves, and a few pieces of comfortable furniture, even a small basement family room can substantially increase the livability of your home. If you stick a basic basement finishing plan, this one is the …Read More

Basement Bedroom Retreats

Naturally cool and quiet, a basement bedroom can be one of the most inviting retreats in the house for you, other family members, or guest. Whether you choose to have your master bedroom located in your finished basement or have a guest suite for your visitors –with good lighting, inviting design, and comfortable temperatures, you can create an inviting lower level basement bedroom. The finished basement can be the perfect …Read More

Basement Wall Cracks

Basement Foundation Wall CracksIf your basement walls have some cracks, you will need to repair them before you finish your basement. While minor cracks do not threaten the integrity of the foundation, they indicate drainage problems around the house that you should correct before you finish your basement. Soil movement and settling around the foundation exerts pressure on even the sturdiest basement walls, causing cracks. Before you finish your basement, …Read More

Basement Moisture Problems

How can you tell if your basement is dry enough to be a living area? Often homeowner’s primary concern about finishing their basement is the basement’s moisture level. Homeowners can’t tell if their basement is dry enough to transform that dark dungeon into a warm and modern expansion of living space. You’ll want to be sure that your basement is dry and stays that way for many years. Some basement …Read More

Commercial Stucco Finishing in Toronto

For many commercial building owners, restoration has proven to be more cost effective than demolition. EIFS Stucco Finsihing gives new life and style to tired, old commercial buildings. EIFS Stucco now plays a critical role in commercial building’s renovation strategies. Stucco Finishing has been used since ancient times to protect the structural integrity of buildings by adding durability and strength. One of the other reasons stucco finishing is popular on …Read More

Re-staining a Wood Staircase and Installing Hardwood Floors in Milton

Homeowners choose to change the colour of their staircases for multiple reasons. Some of these reason might be: many homes are bought from previous owners who liked a different interior design style, interior design trends change and you want to keep up, some homeowners just decide to remove the carpet and install hardwood instead and they want to match the look and colour of the stairs with the new wood …Read More

Politics Just For Fun

We are few days away from the federal election and glad to see that finally more people made up their minds to get out and vote. This is the time when more and more jokes are coming out too. One of my friends sent me this one and I couldn’t resist not to share. Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, and Stephen Harper were all on a private jet together. Stephen Harper …Read More

Bamboo Hardwood Floor Installation

Bamboo hardwood floors became one of the most trendy floors in today’s home decoration choices. In my experience however, I found that many homeowners who are considering having bamboo floors installed in their homes have little or no knowledge about bamboo hardwood floor manufacturing process, thus have no idea what sets apart a good bamboo hardwood floor brand from their competitors. It’s amazing to think that bamboo is actually classified as …Read More

Laminate Floor Installation

It’s time to upgrade the blog again and post some of the jobs we worked on. My biggest problem is the camera. I’m not a camera man, my wife on the other end is and she needs to remind me again and again to not forget the camera and actually if I take it with me, to use it too. This project located in Milton is one of many laminate …Read More