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Fabulous Basement Family Rooms

basement family rooms, basement finishing

When exploring your basement finishing ideas keep in mind your family need. Creating a new family room is a great way increase the all-purpose living space for the entire family. Equipped with a television, stereo equipment, bookshelves, and a few pieces of comfortable furniture, even a small basement family room can substantially increase the livability of your home.

If you stick a basic basement finishing plan, this one is the easiest conversion for a basement – you don’t have to plan for special considerations, such as plumbing, closets or egress windows. The main concerns are keeping the space dry and selecting finishes for walls, floors, and ceilings.

When planning a basement family room, keep flexibility in mind. What is your lifestyle? Should the finished basement space handle a variety of family activities, from watching movies and playing board games to housing a crazy birthday party? Do you want your finished basement family room to be a quite escape after a long day of work for reading a good book or listening to relaxing music?

If your answer is “Yes” to all of the above, choose comfortable furniture what you can easily rearrange. Stackable storage units with doors keep toys and games handy, but out of sight. Modular seating pieces offer many options as your needs change. And, movable floor and table lamps let you put light where you need it.

For maximum usability of your finished basement family room, plan plenty of electrical outlets, two or three cable television outlets at various points around the room, and at least two phone jacks – one for the telephone (so that you don’t have to scurry upstairs each time the phone rings), and one for a computer modem hook-up.

Having options for connections will allow you to rearrange furniture at a later time, if desired.

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