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Home Decorating Success Secrets

Isn’t it strange that you can go into two identical houses, both with warm friendly people living there, and feel totally welcome and comfortable in one and in the other, you can’t wait to leave?

What’s the difference?

The difference lies in what the houses say about their occupants. In the first house you enter, you have that warm cozy feeling, allowing your eyes to roam throughout the room.

In the second house, nothing flows together. Your eyes are constantly being stopped by an out of place window treatment or “thingie” that just doesn’t belong where it’s placed. You suddenly realize that you’re feeling uncomfortable and can’t wait to leave.

The way your home is decorated reflects your personality and style. Interior design doesn’t have to change your style, but should reflect the true you, so that you, your family and visitors will feel cozy and comfortable.

Making your home a haven is definitely worth the effort. Consider it an investment in your emotional health and well being. There are many studies demonstrating the power and impact of colour on mood.

Here is a quick list of decorating secrets that will make your home shout: “Here lives one awesome family!”

1. Don’t sweat the cost!
One of the most common excuses given for not investing in interior decorating is the cost. Many people don’t decorate because they think interior design is too expensive.

This is simply not true. Some of the most pleasingly decorated homes are ones where the owners didn’t spend vast amounts of money. It is possible to achieve a beautifully decorated home without breaking the bank.

There are many homes where no expense was spared in decorating to the hilt. Yet, the result is a sterile, uncomfortable atmosphere that feels more like a museum than a home.

Some of the greatest decorating treasures are in your mind – outside of the box – or down the street at the thrift store or Goodwill.

2. Decorate for Your Family!
Decorating should be meaningful. You want to showcase the talents and hobbies of your family. Highlight activities your family members enjoy by incorporating design elements that reflect these sports, hobbies or activities.

The most important people who will ever be in your home are your family members. Make your home be an expression of what you’re about as a family, for all your friends and visitors to see.

3. Get the Family Involved in the Decorating Project!
When the family is involved in the decorating project you create memories that will last for a lifetime, and will be talked about at family gatherings for years to come.

When the family is not involved in the decorating process, they may resent your intrusion into their space. A family that decorates together stays together!

4. Go Style Shopping as a Family!
Puzzled as to what style or theme you want to use? After reading through some interior design magazines, make decorating a fun family adventure. Go and check out different interior decorating stores with different design styles. Encourage everybody’s input as to what they like and dislike about different styles, colours and materials. Stop at a favorite place for desert or a snack and discuss what you’d like your home decore to say about your family.

5. Don’t over spend! 
You can have the best looking house in the neighborhood, but if you over-spend, resulting in your family feeling the pinch financially, they will resent their beautiful surroundings.

If you don’t have the finances for decorating the entire house, work at one room at a time.

6. Keep it simple!
Have you ever been in a house where it was decorated to such a high degree that you felt uncomfortable? If you live in a home like this, your family will be constantly worried about sitting on the couch lest they wrinkle the fabric or ruin the pillows. Your home is not a decorating center, it’s where you share the memories of a lifetime; you don’t want your kids to feel as though the furniture and decore is more important than their comfort and well being.

Follow interior decorating ideas to keep it simple and comfortable!

7. Have fun with Your Decorating! 
Let your humor show through. A couple of pillows with your favorite saying will lighten up a room in short order. If your house looks stiff and uncomfortable to you, imagine how your friends and visitors will feel.

Home decorating should be exiting for the entire family. What you decorate today you will replace with a new thing in the future, because interior design trends change over the years. Have fun with your decorating! Your humor and good taste will speak volumes about you and your family to friends and visitors.

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