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Stucco Finishing Installation

At Dartex Contracting, we recognize that the exterior facade is often the standard by which people measure the quality of a residential or commercial building. That’s why we have dedicated our talents and resources to providing you with superior workmanship and a guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied.

Dartex Contracting, a Toronto and area stucco finishing contractor, has 15 years of experience in the art of fine stucco finishes. We offer our stucco services to both residential and commercial clients. Whether you need a repair of existing stucco, a new project, or simply have questions about the many different looks and stucco finishes available, we are the experts to call.

We are committed to continuing our education in stucco industry standards, techniques and guidelines, so that we can meet and exceed client expectations. Because of our dedication to you, the customer, and our ongoing education in the stucco industry, we have become the premiere choice for commercial and residental stucco projects in the GTA.

Dartex Contracting has a reputation for doing the job right the first time, and always staying within budget.

Our goal is to merit our clients’ confidence and trust, by delivering excellence every time.

When it comes to exterior stucco finishes we work with two Stucco Systems:

  1. EIFS Stucco
  2. Conventional Stucco 

What you can expect from us:

  • Stucco finishes for New Construction, whether Residential, Commercial or Industrial
  • Stucco Additions and Remodeling
  • Expert Texture and Color Matching
  • Coatings for Brick and Masonry
  • Expert Stucco Repair and Restoration
  • Moulding Design and Application – Moulding designs give an exclusive, high-end look to a building. We carry a wide range of different mouldings to satisfy all tastes.
  • Spray – Another way to protect and give a nice look to the walls. Spray is applied on a smooth surfaces to give a texture.
  • Brush Coat Applied on smooth surfaces, such as moldings and columns. This gives protection and color.
  • Plastering – Plastering on interior walls consists of two coats: a base coat, which is applied in a relatively thick layer, and a finishing coat, which consists of a thin smooth layer of plaster.

We use Only the Highest Quality Materials and We offer Quality Workmanship without Compromise

The Advantage of Stucco Finishes for your Home:

  • Makes your home comfortable by reducing air infiltration
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • Barrier to termites, insects, and vermin
  • Can be redecorated in any color
  • Lasts the life of a building and increases its value
  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain
  • Can be applied to conform to any shape or design
  • Offers security and protects your home’s interior from the elements
  • Hail proof

Your home is your greatest investment, and it would be our honor to be your contractor of first choice. Contact us today for a free at-home consultation!